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Organic Ocean “Holy Grail of Canadian Sockeye Salmon”

Organic Ocean, British Columbia’s award-winning purveyor of premium sustainable seafood, is proud to now make available to consumers the finest-quality, wild-caught sockeye salmon – appropriately named “Our Finest Troll Sockeye Salmon Fillets.”

Organic Ocean

These beautiful salmon – prized for their superior flavor, high healthy-fat content, and gorgeous red colour ­– are harvested from the pristine waters of the Strait of Georgia using a hook-and-line fishing method called “troll” fishing.

Each fish has been individually caught to avoid the bycatch of other species.

These sockeye are caught pursuant to a research contract with the Pacific Salmon Commission, which evaluates the abundance and mix of sockeye stocks to ensure the health of the sockeye populations are maintained.

Each sashimi-grade salmon has been carefully hand-filleted and deboned by Chef Robert Clark (co-founder of the globally renowned Ocean Wise sustainable seafood program), then vacuum-packed and flash frozen to seal in quality and freshness.

Described as “the holy grail of Canadian Sockeye,” this salmon which has historically been sold exclusively to the export market is now available to Canadian consumers.

But act fast – this spectacular salmon is in extremely short supply requiring that we limit orders to eight fillets per customer.

Fillets retail for $54.99 each.

(These are wild salmon and because they don’t come off a conveyor, they vary in size with fillets weighing between 1.1 and 1.9 lbs.) Chef Clark insists the fillets be supplied skin-on and boneless to make for super easy preparation.

As an added bonus, your online purchase makes it possible for Organic Ocean to donate seafood equivalent to two nutritious meals to people in your community who are in need right now.

More information and purchase options are available here: