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Keurig K·Slim + ICED™ machine: Brew-Over-Ice Feature

As summer rapidly comes to an end, we tend to cling to our favourite summer novelties as long as we can…But what if you could have a taste of summer every day from your kitchen? The new Keurig K·Slim + ICED machine ($149.99 CAD) offers a brew-over-ice feature that turns classic coffee into your iced coffee dreams.

Keurig K·Slim + ICED™ machine: Brew-Over-Ice Feature

To avoid dilution, the K·Slim + ICED machine begins its pour hot then gradually decreases its temperature to ensure it extracts the full rich flavour from your coffee, without watering it down.

The space-saving machine is only 13 cm wide to optimize counter space and reduce clutter. 

What are you waiting for?

Start brewing today with this refreshing Iced coffee recipe below for your very own summer-in-a-cup! 

Spiked Iced Almande Coffee (Dairy-Free)


How to use

  • Fill your favourite mug with lots of ice
  • Select the Brew-Over-Ice setting on your machine 
  • Brew a K-Cup® pod into your icy mug from your machine
  • Add sweetener to taste. Try a flavoured syrup for fun!
  • Add 2oz. of Baileys® Almande  – optional
  • Enjoy Responsibly!

Keurig K·Slim + ICED machine, K-cup® pods & accessories are available online and in select retailers across Canada.