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Benefits of Safe, Efficient and Delicious Induction Cooking

Five of B.C.’s most beloved chefs have teamed up with B2E (the Building to Electrification Coalition, a program of the Zero Emissions Innovation Centre, “ZEIC”), to show home cooks how safe, efficient and delicious it is to make the switch to induction cooktops. To demonstrate their support for the precise, energy-efficient technology, Chefs Angus An (Maenam, Fat Mao); Ken Nakano (Aura at Inn at Laurel Point); Claire Lassam (Livia Sweets); Michael Varga (Vancouver Firefighter Charities’ “Fire in Your Kitchen,” and Chopped Canada contestant); and Ying Ying Gao (Riley’s Steak and Fish) have each contributed to a recipe book of induction-specific dishes.

B.C. Chefs Team up with B2E to Tout the Benefits of Safe, Efficient and Delicious Induction Cooking

To download the Induction Eats recipe book, visit:

This recipe book builds awareness to the numerous benefits of adopting induction cooking and is just one of the many initiatives led by B2E, a BC-based member-driven coalition that unites government and industry in its pursuit to reduce emissions from buildings through electrification. In addition to the participating chefs, other partners in the development of the cookbook include BC Hydro, the City of Vancouver, and the City of Victoria

B.C. Chefs Team up with B2E to Tout the Benefits of Safe, Efficient and Delicious Induction Cooking

Key benefits of induction cooking and cooktops include:

  • Enhanced Safety: In induction cooking, the heat is created within the cookware instead of on the element. When the pan is removed or the cooktop is turned off, the heat transfer ceases immediately meaning the surface is cool to the touch.
  • More Climate-Friendly: Induction cooktops utilize clean energy and electromagnetism for the cooking process, and do not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. Thanks to BC Hydro’s low-carbon electrical supply, induction cooking has an extremely low carbon footprint in British Columbia. 
  • Precision Cooking: Induction heats the cookware directly, with even heat distribution, delivering consistent cooking results.
  • High Efficiency: With induction cooktops, up to 90 percent of energy consumed is transferred to the food, compared to about 70-75 percent for traditional electric cooktops and as low as 40 percent for gas cooktops.
  • Easy-to-Clean: Because the smooth glass of induction cooktops stays cool, spills and debris don’t have the opportunity to burn or stick to the cooktop, making post-cooking clean-up much easier. 

Giveaway Opportunity & In-store Rebate

Established B.C. appliance retailer Midland Appliance is also supporting the cookbook launch and, for a limited time, is offering an in-store rebate of up to $2,100 on qualifying induction cooking appliances. And from May 13 to June 24, British Columbians can enter to win a Blomberg induction range from Midland Appliance or additional prize packages of a Duxtop set including a portable induction cooktop and 8” stir fry pan courtesy of B2E.

B.C. residents can find contest details and enter to win at: Deadline to enter is: June 24, 2024 11:59 P.M. PST. 

To learn more about B2E and its ongoing initiatives to develop solutions to enable building electrification, visit, subscribe to their newsletter, or follow along on Instagram.