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Festival Coquitlam Spring Fishing Events 2024

Festival Coquitlam is inviting Metro Vancouver residents to dust off their rods and reels to tackle two Spring fishing events for families: the Como Lake Fishing Derby on May 26 and the Lafarge Lake Family Fishing Day on June 16. These events are FREE.

Festival Coquitlam Spring Fishing Events 2024

Como Lake Fishing Derby

Sunday, May 26, 2024; 6 am – noon

The Como Lake Fishing Derby has been a Coquitlam tradition since 1967 when the derby was held as part of the Centennial celebrations (aside from the Covid years).

The Como Lake Fishing Derby, a free event for youth under 16, features prizes for a variety of catches from the largest and smallest fish to the strangest catch of the day. Parents are welcome to enjoy a pancake breakfast prepared by the Kin Club while the kids are busy baiting their hooks and (hopefully) reeling in a fish.

According to Festival Coquitlam’s fishing expert Cam Aronetz, the key to success at the derby is to “get there early! If you don’t, the good fishing spots fill up early… a good spot at Como Lake is on the docks or anywhere on the south side of the lake.”

Participants will need to bring their own fishing rod and bait to the event. Aronetz recommends using power bait to fish along the bottom of the lake or grubs/worms and a float for fishing near the top. He says that carp and trout are often caught at Como Lake.

The Como Lake Fishing Derby is sponsored by the Festival Coquitlam Society along with the Port Coquitlam & District Hunting & Fishing Club and the Kin Club of Coquitlam.

Lafarge Lake Family Fishing Day

Sunday, June 16, 2024; 9 am – 1 pm

The Family Fishing Day at Lafarge Lake has been going strong since the inaugural event in 1998 (minus the Covid years) and is a popular Father’s Day activity for families in the Tri-Cities. It’s one of several events held during BC’s free Family Fishing Weekend – when anglers can fish BC’s waters without a license. 

Event organizer Cam Aronetz says that anyone can fish on Family Fishing Day from the oldest to the youngest family member.

“It’s all about enjoying the sport and recreation of fishing. You can keep a fish or release it back into the lake – it’s up to you,” he says.

The catch of the day at Lafarge Lake may include trout or invasive species such as perch, goldfish and koi. Also be sure to keep an eye out for turtles, otters and beavers who have been spotted at the lake.

During the day, rods, reels and tackle are available to be borrowed from the Freshwater Fishing Society but those are mostly limited time loans so bringing your own equipment is the best way to enjoy the day. Bait is provided.

In terms of the best fishing spot at Lafarge Lake, Aronetz says that once you arrive and sign in, you can fish anywhere around the lake.

“Go find a nice quiet place to sit and enjoy, and fish the morning away. Try to avoid the crowds!” he advised

The Kin Club of Coquitlam will be onsite cooking up some great food for the families to enjoy at a nominal fee. There will be environmental displays on hand and some great prize giveaways at the end of the event. 

Lafarge Lake Family Fishing Day is sponsored by Festival Coquitlam, the Freshwater Fishing Society and the Kins Club of Coquitlam.