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Family Services of Greater Vancouver Launches Un\Interrupted

Family Services of Greater Vancouver has launched Un\Interrupted, an educational campaign commemorating Victims and Survivors of Crime Week (May 14-20).

Family Services of Greater Vancouver Launches Un\Interrupted, Raising Awareness for Victims and Survivors of Crime Week

The campaign calls attention to the prevalence of exploitation and human trafficking among Canada’s youth and will culminate in the webinar Un\interrupted: Working with Exploited Youth, taking place on Tuesday, May 30.

Across Canada, 40% of victims of domestic human trafficking for sexual exploitation are under the age of 18 – and the impacts are devastating.

FSGV works with some of the region’s most vulnerable young people at multiple touchpoints. Not only does the organization support victims and survivors of exploitation through its Victim Services program, but it also interacts with some of the most at-risk youth in the region through Directions Youth Services.

Many of the young people accessing Directions are victims of abuse and neglect, unhoused or precariously housed, experiencing poverty, struggling with addiction, or marginalized for their race, gender or cognitive impairments.

When victims of exploitation come forward, FSGV helps them navigate the criminal justice system, promote mental and emotional well-being and assist with safety planning; the organization also connects victims to FSGV trauma counselling programs and supports with Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) applications for financial aid.

Un/interrupted focuses on prevention and early intervention, with the goal of elevating the rights of children and youth to enjoy a life uninterrupted by exploitation, trafficking and violence.

On Tuesday, May 30 from 12-1pm PST, FSGV will host the webinar Un\interrupted: Working with Exploited Youth, a one-hour discussion and Q&A about the issues impacting at-risk youth; what parents, educators, and healthcare professionals can do; and how FSGV supports young people throughout their journey towards a better life.

The webinar is free and open to the public; advance online registration is required by visiting

For more information about FSGV or Un\interrupted, please visit