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Dookbaeki Coquitlam Korean Restaurant: Stews & Hot Stone Bowls

Dookbaeki is a new eatery opening in Coquitlam that specializes in Korean stews and hot stone bowls. The brand currently has two locations in Edmonton. Dookbaeki Coquitlam is their first location in Metro Vancouver.

What is Dookbaeki?

Dookbaeki is a type of black or brown, medium-sized bowl made of loess.

In some parts of the world, windblown dust and silt blanket the land. This layer of fine, mineral-rich material is called loess.

Dookbaeki Coquitlam

Loess bowls are used in Korean cuisine to cook and to serve stews and soups.

Dookbaeki Coquitlam

Loess bowls are thick and heavy which means the contents take longer to reach cooking temperature.

However, they have the benefit of retaining the temperature usually until the end of your meal.

Boiled Broth for Two Days

The restaurant boils their broth for two days to get all the nutrition and flavour the bone and meat have including protein, calcium, collagen, vitamin E and so forth.

Dookbaeki Coquitlam Menu

The Dookbaeki Coquitlam menu has not been announced but their Edmonton locations serve items like:

설렁탕 (Seollong-tang): Beef bone soup with thinly sliced beef brisket and wheat noodles. Served with rice and side dishes.

순대 국밥 (순대 only) (Sundae-gukbab): Pork bone soup with Korean-style blood sausage only. Served with rice and side dishes.

해물 순두부 (Haemul Soontubu): Soft tofu soup with house made spicy paste cooked with seafood, vegetables, and egg. Served with rice and side dishes.
3055 Anson Ave, Coquitlam, BC