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OEB Breakfast Co. Celebrates Better Breakfast Month

This annual celebration, held throughout the month of September, is focused on promoting the importance of a better breakfast, and OEB is taking a step further by being a better breakfast company by raising funds for local charities in the communities it serves.

OEB Breakfast Co. Celebrates Better Breakfast Month with Local Charitable Initiatives and Honey Partnerships

In its effort to make a positive impact, OEB has partnered with local honey suppliers to offer jars of honey for sale.

By purchasing a jar of honey at any OEB location in Canada, guests will be directly supporting local charities as all proceeds from the honey sales will be donated.

In addition, a portion of the proceeds from every purchase of the signature Soul In A Bowl in September will also go towards the charitable initiatives.

Guests can enjoy a delicious meal while knowing that they are contributing to a worthy cause.

Moreover, to further encourage donations, guests will have the option to contribute directly at the time of payment by selecting the denomination they would like to donate.

OEB Breakfast Co. is excited to collaborate with the following local honey suppliers:

  • Honey Bee Centre: What started as a dream to do something in an effort to save the world, the Honeybee Centre has grown to become a renowned honey farm, educational facility and much more.
  • Beaver Creek Honey: Located in Beaver County, Alberta, Beaver Creek owners and keepers, Stefan and Monique, focus on sustainable, local honey production where their bees forage off the local flora and help to pollinate many acres of crops, wildflowers and fruit-bearing trees and shrubs.
  • Kitako Lake Honey: Second-generation Saskatchewan beekeepers dedicated to providing high-quality hive products. Their bees and beekeepers inhabit the fields, meadows and forests near Lac Vert, Saskatchewan.
  • Chandler Honey: A family-owned business with a longstanding tradition in beekeeping, offering a unique and fresh twist on their honey.

The funds raised through these initiatives will directly benefit a range of local charities across different cities:

Join OEB Breakfast Co. in celebrating Better Breakfast Month this September and contribute to local charities while enjoying the delicious flavours of OEB’s breakfast creations.

Most OEB locations offer a Yelp Waitlist only, however, weekday reservations can be made at a select number of locations.

For more information on each specific location, guests can visit the website here, and like them on Facebook @oebbreakfastco or follow on Instagram @oeb_breakfast and TikTok @oebbreakfastco.