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Family Services of Greater Vancouver New Campaign for Homelessness Action Week

Every October, organizations and communities join the City of Vancouver in commemorating Homelessness Action Week, an annual event that raises awareness of homelessness, engages the community on solutions, and decreases the stigma surrounding it.

Family Services of Greater Vancouver Launches New Campaign for Homelessness Action Week

Coinciding with this year’s Homelessness Action Week, Family Services of Greater Vancouver (FSGV) is honouring the 30th anniversary of its Directions Youth Services (DYS) Safehouse and more than 30 years of providing youth-informed supports for this vulnerable population – and invites the community to support homeless youth through a new fundraising campaign, “Directions: Past, Present, Future.”

Directions Youth Services serves the region’s most vulnerable young people, including those who are unhoused or precariously housed, come from low-income families, have experienced abuse and neglect, and struggle with addiction.

From safe spaces to sleep to food programs that meet basic needs, it offers a multifaceted range of programs and services that provide youth with options and opportunities 24/7, every day of the year.

Directions’ programs and services are also youth-informed and diverse, because the pathways to homelessness are vast and every youth is unique.

This October, Directions Youth Services Safehouse is celebrating 30 years of supporting youth when they need it most.

Family Services of Greater Vancouver Launches New Campaign for Homelessness Action Week

Throughout the entire month – including Homelessness Action Week that takes place mid-October (dates to be announced) – FSGV is shining a light on its impactful past, educating the community on today’s needs, and inspiring future support through a new campaign, “Directions: Past, Present, Future.”

All donations will go towards Move Out Kits, which equip youth who are moving out from Safehouse with essential home basics for their new apartment.

For this year’s Homelessness Action Week, FSGV is inviting the community to engage, donate, become educated, and spread the word about homelessness.

To rally behind these efforts, supporters can sign up for the organization’s online newsletter here.

In addition, be sure to follow its social campaign, #DYS30, throughout the entire month of October, which will share 30 days of content that celebrates FSGV’s past, showcases today’s achievements, and offers a glimpse into the future.