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McDonald’s Canada hiring another 20,000+ new employees

Right now, McDonald’s Canada and its independent franchisees are looking for more than 20,000 new employees from across the country to join one of Canada’s biggest and best teams.

McDonald's Canada hiring

Available roles offer youth and students flexible work schedules to balance school, sports, community work and life while working in a skill-building position.


For youth looking to kickstart their careers, a role with a McDonald’s restaurant offers valuable experience that is recognized and preferred by hiring managers.

In fact, according to a recent survey** of hiring managers and recruiters conducted by Angus Reid on behalf of McDonald’s Canada:

  • Almost nine-in-ten (89%) hiring managers agree McDonald’s restaurant experience demonstrates applicants can work well as part of a team
  • Three-quarters (77%) of hiring managers agree McDonald’s restaurant experience demonstrates applicants have soft skills – including people skills, communication skills, listening skills, time management and empathy
  • Eighty-two per cent of hiring managers agree McDonald’s restaurant experience is applicable to careers beyond the food & beverage industry

Beyond accommodating scheduling and looking good on a resume, a role in a McDonald’s restaurant offers Crew members the opportunity to learn how to juggle multiple priorities and manage money and operations – all of which can help team members feel accomplished while acquiring skills that can be used in other jobs.

In response to a separate 2022 survey of Canadian residents who are currently or have previously worked at a McDonald’s restaurant in Canada, 70 per cent said they learned or improved their customer service skills at the job, and 63 per cent who used to work at McDonald’s say they still use those skills in their job/career†.


In the 55 years since McDonald’s first opened its doors in Canada, the company and its independent franchisees have demonstrated their commitment to representing the diverse communities in which they operate, accelerating a culture of inclusion at work and dismantling barriers to economic opportunity.

Looking ahead, McDonald’s Canada has aligned to the company’s global diversity, equity and inclusion commitments, which includes increasing representation of women by 45%* and underrepresented groups in leadership roles by the end of 2025.

This proves McDonald’s Canada and its independent franchisees are committed to making changes – both big and small – that align what’s important to their respective employees and the diverse communities in which they operate.


Potential applicants can get a feel for the fun behind the counter with the return of the Crush the Rush Crew game from Verizon.

In Crush the Rush Crew, players race the clock filling orders at the Drive-Thru and interacting with their teammates to get the job done.  

It’s available here between now and September 12 for everyone to try. 

While the game gives players a sneak peak, nothing beats being a part of a real McDonald’s team. Think it’s time to apply? Go here.